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Usui Reiki Level 2

Reiki Level 2 guides you in reaching deeper states of consciousness and awareness of the energy.

You receive 3 attunements during Reiki II which assist you in embodying the different qualities of energy and staying centered as you heal and awaken to your higher states of consciousness.


You also learn how to transmit Reiki at a distance through time and space to offer healing to those you can’t meet in person, as well as to send energetic healing and support to your own personal goals and challenges.


Class includes:

 Level 2 Attunement which allows you to tap into higher energetic vibration

  • Learning and practicing the Power Technique

  • Learning and practicing the Mental/Emotional Technique

  • Learning and practicing the Long-Distance Reiki Technique

  • Michal’s Level 2 Manual for giving Reiki using these three Techniques

  • Learning and practicing using Reiki to clear the energy of entire rooms at once

  • Developing your own personalized Reiki Practice so you can keep benefiting from Reiki daily

  • A full hour of hands-on Reiki practice with your fellow students, integrating everything you learned in your Level 1 & 2 training

  • At the end of the course the student gets a certificate of the ABR.

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