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From our beloved students...

"As Master Bruno taught me, either you learn from love or from pain. I learned a lot from both and Reiki made it easy and showed me the ways. I thank you for the many changes that are taking place in my life and in the people around me. My spiritual evolution is largely due to this encounter. Thank you for everything. Kisses."

Cris Candeloro - São Paulo

"From the moment I decided to dedicate myself to Reiki, everything in my life began to change in all aspects. It's like I'm totally connected and aligned with the universe. I am extremely grateful to Master Bruno for bringing such knowledge and wisdom to all of us.It is certainly an experience that everyone should live at least once in their lives.Gratitude, Namastê."

Ana Castro - San Diego

"I am eternally grateful to have met Master Bruno and Reiki! I was in a very troubled time, of several changes and felt that something was missing. Always religious, but I was feeling off the world with anxiety attacks and knew that I need to find my own balance. That's when I started researching on Reiki and a little while ago, Master Bruno came to San Diego to teach the course. I did not think twice and enrolled !! It was the best investment I ever made in my life.The class is a time of much learning and an energy out of the ordinary! I learned to find my balance point. It was a key that turned into my life and the close friends say they notice this difference! Anyway, I'm very grateful for this meeting !! Thank you Thank you Thank you!"

Samara Britto - San Diego

"The experience I had through the reiki course with Master Bruno was not only educational and content, but mainly of open-mindedness and spiritual purification. The content is much easier to understand because the Master tells his life stories and explains that through these encounters and situations that we face during our routine, Reiki is always there to heal you or give you the possibility to be the cure. After Reiki Level 1, I already applied Reiki on myself, and on some relatives and healing was incredible. I am very grateful to Master and Lys for being light. Namaste"

Nayara Carrilho - San Diego

"After the Reiki initiation, I started to feel more connected with my intuition. This has been one of the best things I’ve ever felt. 

Being aware of the energy resonating on my body and making decisions based on it was never my thing. I was very rational and cold.

Reiki showed me how powerful energy and vibrations can be. To become a channel that enables healing yourself and other creatures is just magical. I am very humbled and grateful for that. 

I’ve experienced a lot from the “dark side” suffering from depression and burnout in 2014-2016. 

I used to drink and go to parties very often. Also, I have been working for long hours on financial and tech market, over the past 5 years.

My biggest therapy has always been surfing. Being connected with the ocean heals me. Combining reiki with meditation and surfing took me to another level.

The first step was the Reiki iniciation. Than, the 21 days after. It was very challenging, but was worth it. 

I started practicing reiki every time I felt bad, specially on the heart chakra. most of the time when I was anxious, I could only sleep after a reiki session. 

Also, the reiki global classes community, led by Master Bruno, has an awesome support group. When my grandma was in hospital, we all did Reiki for her. 

Bruno is also an awesome master. Very supportive, lovable and enlightened.

I'm very grateful for joining this path. Reiki global classes definitely made a big difference in my life, and I feel that I am seeking to be a better version, evolving everyday."

Luiz Haddad - San Diego

"Reiki in my life has made me rediscover my Divine Inner Light of self-healing and unconditional love for the whole, for the Universe. Reiki inspires me to manifest my inner violet light that is leading me to my life purpose. What it is to serve, to donate, and to help in the healing and pain of the most sensitive who suffer from health problems. Thank you so much for having crossed my path. Namaste!!"

Natalia Magalhães - San Diego


I don’t know if this is helpful, but here’s a written review about Bruno’s workshop. I’m a little self-conscious being in front of the camera because of my speech. 

Bruno has this amazing energy. I don’t know if I can label it adequately or accurately, but it was just this very calming and healing energy. 

I could listen to what he has to say for days. He’s very interesting. He was very informative, as well. 

Many of the things he said, I believe in. He labeled somethings I didn’t have a name for and he presented things in a way that I hadn’t thought of before. I would highly recommend his workshop, especially to those, like me, who are curious or have questions.”

Michelle Ramirez - San Diego

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