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Usui Reiki Level 3

Reiki Level 3 is divided in 2 parts. Reiki Level 3a and 3b.


Reiki Level 3A is the Master Level of Reiki and the first stage towards becoming a Reiki Master Teacher. This is a powerful and life changing process, expanding your awareness of the intensity and healing power of Reiki. The Reiki Master Attunements will fully open up your energy system to Reiki, causing a significant increase in the flow of healing energy through you. This increases the effectiveness of your treatments and a heightened experience of the flow of Reiki through your being; enhancing your personal and spiritual growth. This level is for those wanting to make a commitment to Reiki and make it an important part of their lives.


At this level you don’t ‘Practice' Reiki, you ‘Become’ Reiki. To become a Reiki Master means becoming an ambassador for Reiki and should be viewed in this light. Completing Reiki Level 1 and 2 is a pre-requisite for this course and a minimum of 6 months must have passed from the previous level. In order to become a Reiki Master Teacher, students must undergo the Reiki Level 3B, Master Teacher Degree.

Course Content:

  • Discussion of Reiki in your life after Reiki Level 2 Attunement

  • Discussion of how you will use Reiki Level 3 in your life

  • Grounding and protection meditation with a Re-Attunement to the energies of Reiki

  • Short assessment on Reiki Levels 1 and 2

  • Powerful Guided Meditations throughout

  • Reiki Master Attunement

  • You will receive the Master Symbol and practice drawing and healing with this Symbol

  • Uses of the Master Symbol in healing and daily life

  • Receiving other Symbols and discussion of their uses such as The Antahkarana. In Hindu Philosophy The Antahkarana translates from Sanskrit as: The Inner Cause. This is an ancient healing and meditation symbol that has been used in India, Tibet and China for thousands of years. It is a powerful symbol and simply by having it in your presence, it creates a positive affect on the chakras and aura.

  • Making a Healing Grid with the use of Crystals

  • Receiving more symbols, including non-Reiki symbols from very powerful ancient energy healing traditions

  • Questions and Answers

  • The Violet Breath

  • Psychic Surgery

  • Counselling and our role and boundaries as a Reiki Master

  • Contraindications for the Healer

  • Spiritual Cleansing: Kenyoku, Body Scanning: Byosen Reikan Ho and, Reiji Ho: Developing your Intuition

  • Client’s Consultation Chart

  • Useful Reiki resources

  • At the end of the course the student gets a certificate of the ABR.

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